FitStickz FAQs

I’ll let Cassie answer these…

Q: What is FitStickz?
A: A unique series of effective and fun body changing workouts all simplified for beginners to advanced ability levels expressed with cool stick figures (like me ? ) and bright colors.


Q: Is it good for beginners?
A: Absolutely. FitStickz is designed to be a doorway to fitness for anyone who has found it hard to understand the often confusing world of fitness.  There’s a lot of information out there. So FitStickz was created to help anyone understand proven fitness protocols in a simple and non-intimidating way.


Q: I am an experienced trainee.  I exercise a lot.  Is FitStickz worth my time?
A: Sure. A lot of times people who have trained before are looking for fresh workouts and training plans. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, if you are interested in checking out a very unique fitness series that also covers challenging workout plans for advanced levels then we’re really pleased to help you.  Remember Tristan re-recorded all the workout videos for FREE over at Fitness With Tristan on YouTube so you could try the workouts and get the books to support him in return.


Q: Do I need equipment?
A: No & Yes.  Basically a lot of our workout books are body weight exercise based so you can do the workouts anywhere with no equipment.  But as you get comfortable with these plans its good to begin using weights, resistance and some specific proven tools to take your results to the next level. But if you want to focus on our non-equipment workouts to start then you use your own body weight and maybe something as simple as a towel. You certainly don’t need a whole collection of gadgets or a fully equipped home gym.


Q: Can I mix different FitStickz Books?
A: Definitely. Any FitStickz workout from any book can be used.
They are all based on The ColorFit Workout idea so they can be used randomly or as part of The Seasons Calendar you can pick upfor free and use with all the workouts at Fitness With Tristan.


Q: Do you offer other workouts not found in the books?
A: Yes, check out Fitness With Tristan on Youtube.


Q: Can I get FitStickz books in paperback too – I want to give them as gifts?
A: Absolutely.  In fact we just finished redesigning each one ready to go as paperbacks.  Click the Amazon button below.


Q: Are there live links in the digital versions I can click to go to the Private Video Classrooms?
A: You will find the links in the books are not live but all the information has been re-edited and is now found at FitnessWithTristan .com (the ‘Secret Workouts’ links if you can find them in the books redirect to a special page where you can get the video workouts for them).


Q: I love this idea! Its a breath of fresh air. Where did the FitStickz idea come from?
A: Tristan created us because he wanted to make fitness simple and fun and completely different to what else is out there on the Internet. Note: I’m not simple, maybe Bo is.


Q: Can you recommend fitness equipment I should get and is proven to be worth my time?
A: Yes I think you’ll find a link under the ‘Learn’ button up top.


Q: A lot of ‘fitness terms’ confuse me.  Can you simplify them?
A: Our pleasure.  Click here.


Q: I understand diet is so important – do you discuss it?
A: Yes, absolutely.  Right now we had a lot of work getting FitnessWithTristan live as well as transitioning FitStickz over.  Tristan is going to be bringing out diet and nutrition tips and information soon as well as recipes for busy people and a lot more.  Join him at the sign up button below and he’ll keep you in the loop as the new materials are released. (Plus you’ll be informed when your newest free workouts go live)


Q: How often should I exercise per week?
A: Essentially it does depend a lot on your age and recovery ability. FitStickz is typically laid out as 3-4 sessions per week.  The workouts are fast. We also have ab workouts you can use on ‘rest’ days as a lot of times we’ve found people using FitStickz love to add in our fast abs and core sessions. As long as you allow recovery times then you can workout when it fits your schedule and lifestyle.


Q: Are abs trained separately with FitStickz?
A: Yes & No.  FitStickz workouts use many exercises that will work your core and ab muscles simultaneously. These ‘compound’ exercises allow every workout to target the abs as well in different ways (stabilization, contraction, rotation etc) so you’re not just going to focus on a few ‘ab workouts’ per week.  The abs should support and stabilize your body and enhance natural movement not just be used in some afterthought workout added on once a week to hopefully help a person to ‘look good’. Everything you do in FitStickz will work your abs.  Alongside this we have created focused abs and core workout plans (Book 3) that will really work your core in very unique exercise plans and can be added to any workout you do.


Q: I love Bo & Cassie! Are there more characters coming to future FitStickz Books?
A: Well thank you! I love you too ?  Tristan says he’s going to ask for readers help on occasions in coming up with future characters to workout alongside us. But I have asked if my friends can join us, I think he’ll say yes! (Watch this space).


Q: Can I get a shirt or a Cassie coffee mug?
A: We’re putting together our new store. watch this space (And I’ll tell Tristan I want to be on a coffee mug just for you;)


“As I get more of your readers question I’ll add them here, as long as I’m not in the gym!”

– Cassie XX

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