Fitness Simplified.


FitStickz is basically fitness super-simplified. – NOW FULLY UPDATED To VERSION 2.0 !

When I write my workouts and plans a lot of times I would doodle and draw out the exercise with simple stick figures as I was mapping out the exercise sequences. (Maybe being a stay home dad has got to me more than I think 🙂

A while ago I had an idea and decided to create a very unique fitness series and sketched out a collection of fun characters and quick workouts using bright colors and these new ‘FitStickz’.

The idea was to offer an effective workout book that took all the seriousness out of exercising – something that could be used by adults and also kids (my own children were asking to begin working out so a quirky fitness guide book seemed like a good gateway into health and fitness).

I designed the first books in the FitStickz series and made them even more unique by filming every workout as part of the experience when you used the books.

When I launched TristanLewis .com (formerly Fit Dad TV) I re-recorded all of the workouts in the series over a few weeks and added them for FREE to my Youtube Channel under the ColorFit Workouts brand so anyone could use them and maybe in return they could support me by picking up a digital or new paperback edition (great coffee table books) from Amazon.

Essentially FitStickz was an idea I had to keep fitness simple and fun. You can learn more below and check out the books on Amazon right now plus you can pick up the new version 2.0 paperback editions as well.

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Unique Fitness

A Fresh & Fun Fitness Tool… Every FitStickz book is a Complete Full Color Fitness Art Book with hi res images guiding you through a complete fitness program. You also get new exercises, 4 full workouts, NEW Follow Along Video Workouts, Fitness Facts and more…

Coach Zeb, Bo & Cassie

New workouts, goofy doodles and quirky characters. The FitStickz are coached by Coach Zeb - an old school teacher who loves his laser pointer.  Cassie likes to bring her pup to the gym while Bo is keen to learn everything he can and is the perfect student...


Each FitStickz book has a secret hidden workout somewhere in the pages.  New follow along video workouts have been recorded and located at the secret link - if you can find them in the books you can add them to your ColorFit workouts and Seasons Calendars...Good luck!

Follow Along Videos

With the launch of ColorFit Workouts TV I re-recorded every FitStickz workout with full follow along videos and added them FREE on the channel.

IF you like them perhaps you'd support me by picking up your book editions too...

Stick Figures & Fitness

Sketched and created at home on my children's art board during nap times.

Workouts tested on myself and clients during my children's bed times 🙂

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New Paperback Editions

The perfect coffee table book to let your friends and family browse to get them up off the couch.

The new paperback editons are great for throwing in your gym bag and much easier to find the 'secret hidden workout' (apparently 😉 )

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