FitStickz The Story

What Is FitStickz?

Put as basic as possible: Fitness Simplified.

It’s a new fitness resource with a mix of challenging workouts and effective exercises all designed with bright colors, funky characters and a dose of fun.

It’s put together to help people new to fitness (as well as the experienced), those who may be intimidated by information overload found on the Internet, or those who are tired of the same old fitness information and are looking for something different to try.

The idea I had for FitStickz was to mix color, humor, art, and doodles with proven exercises and workouts that anyone can do, particularly beginners, that leads to them finding health and fitness is not just accessible but fun and enjoyable.


Who is FitStickz For?

I’d say its aimed towards beginners and people who want some fresh workouts with a unique twist and a different style.

Honestly, If you’re a total beginner or advanced it doesn’t matter. All that matters is you are looking for something different and something simple. Even though you’ll see bright colors and stick figures these workouts are serious and effective as well as fun.

So if you’re up for that then welcome, I’m excited to help you.


Bringing FitStickz to Fitness With Tristan on YouTube…

FitStickz was a separate website but as I started and focused on Fitness With Tristan I realized it would be a good idea to bring FItStickz over and allow people I helped here to also use FitStickz.

I re-recorded all the workout videos as new Follow Along Workouts and have released them all FREE on my Youtube Channel so you can try them and use them right away with my ColorFit protocol and The Seasons workout Calendars.

I hope you enjoy and find the workouts useful and maybe in return you’d support me by purchasing a Fitstickz book (remember you might even find the ‘Secret Workout’ in each boo kand can try it today?

Best wishes and I’ll see you over at the YouTube Channel.




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